I miss my classmate and i think i got a bad mark…

I miss my classmate and i think i got a bad mark at school di na kasi ako makasipot di rin ako makasubmit, good for the morning and night shift, bad for me..a midshift, hindi ko kayang magmulti task lalo na kung information loading din ang kasabay..waaaaa..(*sana may next time)..super eager pa man din ako nun, kakahiya tuloy kina ma’am sa registration bait bait pa naman ang sipag pa, ok lang sa kakulitan ko,tapos waaaa, any way same problem at work, follow up lang and re check, hayy…kelan kaya ang increase…siguro pag di na me late..yehey EOTM incentive….na miss ko yung last airing ni slyde waaaaaaa..adios


Today is the last day DJ Slyde will be on air…

Today is the last day DJ Slyde will be on air…Welcome to your new ventures..its not the end, its the beginning of a new chapter in life, were what you will be doing would be somewhat related or not but not the same because as you said you are out of the box or will be on another box…adios..and goodluck

I started the day of my work by trying to install

I started the day of my work by trying to install java on my debian server with the help of zak, its because my first plan fails, i dont want to recompile php coz it will give more downtime which we cant afford. Then our client called, so me and my team leader are on the rush to get the data needed because we dont want to be caught off guard, not because we dont know what to report but we cant memorize all the details, and another thing is that the phone is far from our station. And then as the client complain that he cant send email to his clients, i immediately attend to the fixing of the server. I cant fixed it at first but with the help of my team leader, we had fixed it!, but had to do it overtime because we deductively test restrictions, not to make the server open to mail relays…oh what a day…got to chat and play then rest..coz tomorrow will be another busy day..i guess..damn, pixie isn’t online..maybe she is hiding..its her turn to sing..lolz..thanks nicole for being there for me to talk to and kulitin..with my life and laugh trip..

Got a bit problem at the office but it’s ok now

Got a bit problem at the office but it’s ok now, i am still thinking about how can I formally drop my subject at OU, and my friend pixie (zhao xing) she had not been online since yesterday, i guess because of the lack of sleep when i sing to her till dawn. Hayy life, and before i forgot, damn slyde gonna go of air, this coming friday is his last day at the RT office, well man i will miss this dude pare tol’s impersonation just to express out himself…well that’s life..i will miss Mrs. Slyde and the whacky side. And his serious views about life..that would be it for the day…laughtrip where are you need to lose STRESS….god help me..

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