October Fest the best

Wow, what an october that we have, too cool and to great, we meet new friends and again seen barbie for the second time, but now i got a pic with her, its a little blurred but recognizable…any way there will be another day..but that will be the time that i will make her autograph my guitar,Next is Kitchie Nadal hehe, this is our pics with Boy 2 quizon, what a surprise he is now a reggae artist on his Mutha**kin rights, that’s what you can hear on his babbling on stage:

Me and a fan for the backstage photo op


It’s where i stand

Hi thanks, for clarification, as of now evidently nagiging dependent na me sa kanya feeling attached, but i am thankful that she said it to me…because i dont want to lose her..so tiyaga nilaga tiyaga, just keeping the hard work, if its for you it will be your’s, and that is life…:-)..salamat talaga..muahhh

When I Told You..


Words & Music GARY GRANADA
Gary Granada Live!, 1994
The Best Of Gary Granada, 1996

Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika’y minamahal
Sana’y maunawaan mo na ako’y isang mortal
At di ko kayang abutin ang mga bituin at buwan
O di kaya ay sisirin perlas ng karagatan

Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika’y iniibig
Sana’y maunawaan mo na ako’y taga-daigdig
Kagaya ng karamihan, karaniwang karanasan
Daladala kahit saan, pang-araw-araw na pasan

Ako’y hindi romantiko, sa iyo’y di ko matitiyak
Na pag ako’y kapiling mo kailanma’y di ka iiyak
Ang magandang hinaharap sikapin nating maabot
Ngunit kung di pa maganap, sana’y huwag mong ikalungkot

Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika’y sinisinta
Sana’y yakapin mo akong bukas ang iyong mga mata
Ang kayamanan kong dala ay pandama’t kamalayan
Na natutunan sa iba na nabighani sa bayan

Halina’t ating pandayin isang malayang daigdig
Upang doon payabungin isang malayang pag-ibig
Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo na ika’y sinusuyo
Sana’y ibigin mo ako, kasama ang aking mundo

This is the song by my one of my favorite filipino folk/revolutionary singer Gary Granada where every aspects of love is entomized in songs with a revolutionary appeal.It’s for you! You know who you are..

Love More Expect Less

Give more take less,I dont know where this saying came from, but my mood at this day relates to this,Well it is said on the spirit of charity that we have to give more, yeah, yeah, i give more love, expect less love, but until when. Maybe it’s when the time i can’t feel it anymore,please make it not that way.But i can’t do nothing about it.Or i am just barking at the wrong tree.maybe.it’s such a good day and it’s friday.And it’s october, gonna drink some, its the fest, OCTOBERFEST..:-)

Secret Intimacy

Days passed as you could observe..i lack the time again,nothing is new, but the secrecy of intimacy. its hard to keep it, i have to be quiet about it, its taboo here and its illegal, because she was already taken and i am the number 2, just like Joe Jackson’s song, but the sad thing is that her number one aren’t through, yet. As i remember in a saying that “all good girls are taken”, so as come to my thinking that i could snatch one hehehe ^_^.Well this is life, i have to abide by its rule’s, its hard to be alone..

Such a Lonely day..

Well its probably hard when it comes to a time that, what all you are doing was for nothing , no one to have it with, you’ll be just by yourself, alone. There are relationship that comes, but the hard fact is that you cant have it, even what you considered dear to you, even though she said she had also loved you, the fact is you can only have her for a while…I know there are purposed to things that arer happening to me and it is affected by what i decide to do and say, but up until when…

Thursday the 13th..

Somethin screwed up and i lost some important papers, well i got to produce some docs, oh great, more loss of time and money. But hell yeah, cant do anything about that stupidity. More work, less earning, that’s all in a day’s happening, and that is my life..full of shit..have a nice day, and i dont….waaaa. and i am happy to have her.Even though its illegal..(who is she)..binagoongan here i come..

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