Passing time

It’s 5am in the morning and still cant sleep..ndi ko alam kung bakit..just dont feel like here browsing the net through rental..and

Sa pagsapit ng dilim
Muli tayong magkaulayaw
Sa iyong sinapupunan
Ako’y muling nagpakubabaw
Ewan ko kung anong nadarama
Bakit ba gabing ito’y tila ba kakaiba

Di mawari at di mabatid
Di malaman kung anong nais ipahiwatig
Salawahan kong pakiramdam
Nagdadalawang isip kung ako ba’y hihimlay o tutugaygay

Ikaw nga ba dahilan
O masyado lang iniisip ang araw na nagdaan
Ewan di ko alam, Ewan wala talaga akong alam

Mamaya bukang liwayway na
Mamaya mata ko’y magsasara na

Naisin ko ma’t hindi
Antok at Pagod ang gagapi
Sa diwa at isip na naglilimayon
Sa katawang binabawi ang lakas ng kahapon

Di pa rin alam kung saan makakarating
Ng isip kong di mapirmi
Puso kong di mawari
Sa pilng mo siguro ang hinahanap na sandali
(*edited 12302005 wri)

lalim noh…i just cant sleep..wala lang…kasi magawa..inaanntok na me ngayon adios..sensiya na kung ngayon la me nakapag update..there are so many good things and blessings going on eh..Thank god and God Bless


Class and Friend’s Picture

Reminiscin, a song that makes me remember my past, especially my high school life, the reason is not the song itself topping the charts on my high school days coz it was way too old, but it’s message. As i could remember, escaping school for thrill and to be home for the cartoon show on tv, it was Daimos and Voltes V then. I also remember when i were the princinpal’s officemate because of lates. I guess i had carried it till now. But i was trying to lessen it. I remember my first gf that breaks me on the third day.My year in the seminary.My time as a lead on a cultural club of our school, but I can’t really forget friends and classmate’s that has been a part of my journey of being a high school student. And now i am wondering where they are. How many kid’s they have. Where they live, Are they happy now to the life they choose as an employee, husband, wife and whatever they end up. The same thing makes me remember when my teacher ask us all, what occupation do we want to have or become when we finish high school, are we gonna be a doctor, a pilot, a captain, a nurse, a businessman, an engineer or a teacher. Ideal things that may become us or not. But at least we have dreams. And now i am wondering where will they end up. The pics are my sister’s batchmate. No one knows GOD’s plans. 😉


Class Picture


It was always good when you are inspired, I was searching for the past weeks looking for the one who can make me happy, in the aspect of love, life and money, but surprisingly i can get it all by just having one in me. And I thank Maria Patiricia Tejada aka tish (i like pronouncing her full name, dunno just like it that way) for re introducing him to me. Want to know he is it’s CHRIST. I realize that for the past few months he was not the center of my life, it was just me and the person i like and want to be with for the rest of my life. I was wrong .But now i got back at him and i am so happy.tish thanks talaga, as you inspire me again also to become a frustrated writer.Also a big thanks sa nagsulat ng kuwento ni jeff.

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