From Loving You…


Letting go is really the hardest thing to do because of acts and emotions that we had been used to.Even having your ex as bestfriend or a friend sometimes cant help if you are to move on, but somehow we cant really explain why our hearts really cant learn from “the experience/battles of the heart”, Still we have to bear the scars.

You know that I’m helpless
Without you
Yet you say I am hopeless
And It’s true

Now You’re telling me
There’s no other way
Even for old time sake
I could not make you stay

Well you can make me cry
And make me sad
You can forget the best
Of what we have

I know that you can do
What you can do
But you can never stop me
From Loving you

You know i am not strong
And I’m not tough
Naturally I’m not good enough

But if you ask me
At least I know
Nobody’s ever could
Be half as good as you

You can choose to go
If we must part
Break our promises
And Break my heart

But i’ll always stay
You know it’s true
Coz you can never stop
From Loving You

You can make me cry
And make me sad
You can forget the best
Of what we had

Go ahead and do
what you must do
But you can never stop me

Baby you can never stop me
Baby you can never stop me

From Loving You
*Just comment to correct me if i have posted something wrong. these is all that i can remember of my most favorite Gary Granada Love Songs. This songs was on “the best of gary granada” but i lost the Cassette tapes, all of it.For the reason that i over used and some has been borowed by my friends but never returned, If i had a budget i’ll buy the CD.


Qoutes I want to live by..

Do your own work well,and then you will have something to be proud of. But dont compare yourself with others.
– Galatians 6:4 CEV

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.
– Ecclesiastes 11:14 NLT

Career Inspiration

You might as well remember these songs. But these inspires me of what i am today. It’s bit off but near.

Nintendo Songs

It’s isn’t just my day

Am totally drained..i dont know why,this is such another day where my depression episode attacks. i feel lonely. i feel alone.And i dont know what the reason is.Yeah the feeling sucks.The video reflects what i currently feels.Got to find a Heina of my Own

Santeria by sublime

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