Do you know what you’re doing is illegal…

First of March 2006, We are at break, as i got out of the door of our office, i have seen big guys pass by my left side barging at out office door, showing some id. I stayed outside the door and tried to identify the markings of the guys that just forced our guard to open the door to let them in, It’s the NBI, they have a raid, at our office? What The Fuzz about.

Am a bit shaky, because as we know how law enforcement works here in the philippines its rubbish. the elevator doors had closed and i has been left all alone outside our office whre i have ssen some guys posted at the door as SOP of the raid.So i tried to press the elevator button to go down as immediately as possible, I tried not to panick, because it wont help. So as soon as the elevator bell rang, i imediately enter and close the elevator door, meet with my colleagues at the ground floor then got out of the building for break.

We ended up at greenwich and all that i can think is to have a quick break to get back to the office, so we got lasagna and a meal, with the thought of doing nothing against the law, we got back to the office at the usual time 7:00. we dont want to be overbreak, am afraid of memo.

As we got in front of our office, i have seen the guys still there guarding the door so we came in and identified ourselves as employee, we had been guided to where my colleagues had been rounded up, i immediately thought of my personal things, as i was about to ask. One of them lifted it up and ask who is the owner of the item,I immediately answered “its mine” and he ask me to check and make sure that nothing has been taken. While i am checking,the agent could see that i am shaky as i just immediately count the money and checked my belongings. soon after i confirmed,i looked for a chair, because i am still shaky, because what i felt was being accused or had already been judged that what i have done is wrong.

We stayed at the conference room as the raid progresses in to marking the units to be seized with a scotch tape and a pentel pen. While we were there some of our colleagues tried to entertain us with mp3 but later ending in a radio, some had tried to play bottle spinning, then the pinoy henyo a game segment of a long running noontime show, jsut to ease up the tension, while our shift supervisor tried to talk with one of the agent guarding us.

The ordeal wasn’t over until our big boss came with his lawyer as they defended that we are not doing anything wrong.We are released at around 10:30.With a relieved feeling.And a hope this misguided raid wont ever happen again. And i hope if they were to gather intelligence, try not to rely on someone where their mouths are bigger than his brain. And be intelligent on execution because the raid cost is funded by the people’s money.For you cannot call them as the Bureau of Intelligence if they dont have it.

How it could be related to the title..well that were the words uttered by their team leader translated into english as my colleagues informed me.

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