I wake up on morning of loneliness March 17, around 5am, on my new home, a day after my mom visited me, with songs of Jason Mraz on my head and these poem just streams in my mind.so i tried to write it down. As i read up more than twice.Well it Could be dedicated to the people who are strongly together by heart though they are apart. A lone distance relationship that is kept by calls and instant messages. As a company slogan says “keeping you in touch”.

All I got is words
To tell you how much i care to you
To tell how much I love you
If I only have the time
The physicallity of the presence
I would let you feel what i say
Make real all that I tell

But all I got is words
Said but not written
Passive undocumented
You can forget it after i said
Feels good while being heard
Feels bad coz your longing

The action in the words
Like a promise made to be broken
Much exposure, much hurt
If you rely on those words
Much chances your heart be broken

But words are all I can do
To tell you whats inside of me
The reality is far away from us
I’m trying to be as expressive
As what I really feel inside
That is longing for your touch
And embrace of your arms

But all I got is words
Lacking (the physicallity) of the presence
How much love I have inside
That i try to contain in words


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