Things are becoming routinary as i was trying out new things and adjusting to all the new opportunity that they are allowing me.

Since all were the server are maintained well i can do posting and imparting of my knowledge to the Site and Server Administration of the Digital Point. In which in return i also learned tips and tricks of the trade.

Things were getting organized, and all my needed appliances are slowly bought and filled up. I can manage my time well now than before, and sleep early and also wake up early. Which is needed for my next agenda, to get back to my fitness routine in which i give up for study and life rethinking.

In this part i must work on hard because i am kinda home buddy person lately, well i got my guitar and maybe i’ll just go on putting sounds to my poems. And maybe endup to have a good song.

Well directly talking to him is ok, but as he said on the bible that we must gather to praise him as one. which also remind me of someone who re introduce me to him, i just miss her.

Thats all…hmm tomorow is different, tomorrow is another day. well its a good reason to thank him for we are alive and had to undergo another day…


Busy As a Bee

I had been busy these days trying new things and putting up blogs to test and make up rep on the marketing and Admin side.

These are the three new blogs that i had been busy lately:

Anything on the internet blog (mostly from digg)

Work Related Blog

School Blog

I’ll Just post later on or maybe some other day about my Jed’s Island Adventure and the 3 day vacation/High School Get together

I need a break, love lots :D, God Bless!

Listening to BEP just to be pepped up to work, but i can’t work well, just bumming out and tying up some loose end on some of my configurations, updating configs, and testing some scripts, but all things that i do right now makes no sense to me, not thrills no frills no excitement.

it doesn’t mean that i am not liking my job or am loosing my touch, i love it. but the air isn’t so conjucive enough for me to develop or set up something what is due next week.

As far as my job is concern i am already finished with the crucial task and i am done already, all that i have to do is test and tweak. Hope i can apply these to my studies. Because as trained here and from my last employer which forces me to learn in creation of a HA(High Availability) project in a week or three days to which i can divided my working hours for installation(20%), configuration(30%) and last is tweaking,troubleshooting and customizing(50%).

This past few weeks i always feel tired without no reason at all. Or maybe there is but i dont know where could it come from. Like it’s every day is a day that i just wanted to pass and get by.So lonely.And I thank him for keeping me up. And my trusty ever loyal friend….my phone..Finished three game titles already…They are “The Sim’s Bustin Out” , “Call of Duty“, and Currently I am Sam Fisher on “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory“, i love stealth.

But still that aint gonna overcome my what i’m feeling. This weekend after work there will be a midshifts swimming at Jed’s island. Still i dont know if that would help, but maybe at least it will make me happy for a while.Will be wasted and sleeping and had so much fun that i could get, even though i know it’s temporary and it’s against my upcoming plan to stop social drinking/drinking, because i want to take care of my voice. And also to reduce my expense as i am aiming to buy something.

Anyway thats about it for now…as you have noticed i dont have postings that have pics..i dont have a camera, opting to buy one, soon enough…I always pray for your well who you are my friend…i’ll be posting out swimming pictures and my bestfriend’s homecoming party who is a seaman.


Looking back last year i have nothing but debts and myself, but i can’t say i am successful now, with things coming and friends going out of my life. I can only say that things are going well and my dreams are slowly coming true. As what they say that “Good things comes to those who wait…”.

Its a big sacrifice to turn your backs at your old friends and even your relatives to which i have to focus on the basic “me,myself and I”, but before i leave them i make sure that they will understand me, because i really have to be alone to know my own capabilities.

It’s a fact that i always rely on other’s even the decisions for myself at some point that they put the words on my mouth. But I am trying to learn on my own, though at times i really need to be spoon fed still. But slowly i want to get out of it and be on my own. I am too old biologically, but my spirit and heart never will be old enough. And maybe that is the reason why i am not acting what i should at my age. It’s a proven truth that when you have one, you lose one. Maybe to balance things out, because having too much is not always good.

There are more things coming and i have to be ready, emotionally and professionally and am not getting any younger.

As time does not trickle down the glass but flows like river on a perpetual motion without stopping. Till we cant feel no more where our own time stops and others begin. To our end and a our new beginning.

Face lifting is delayed

Finding the difficulty of resources and time i will be delaying my blog’s facelift as the scripts wont work. I love karen chang’s Blog Design because of it’s simplicity. But as soon as i got what i need i will .

Reality Bites (My G-mail Signature)

It was then I realize that:
Money is spent,Beauty fades,
Words and promises are broken,
Time can heal but cant get held,
Memory fades as brain cells die,
Foods are consumed,Even love could be gone.

Its just this one moment
that can make everything goes back
even for a while:
It is the significance of a single moment
or event in our life that could trigger us to remember
when we see other people doing the same thing that we did
with the love of our life way back then.

So make the most of what you have
and be always happy of what is at hand
It’s a gift,and when it fades,
we can always think back,
and can be happy
even for a while.

Life is short.

Now Tell Me

It’s been a long time since were together
Both of us has our own lives
chases our own dreams
But we never realize
Slowly you and i
Are moving far away
From each other

Feeling the loneliness inside
Filling the emptiness to get by
Now I am almost lost
I want to find you again

Baby I cant pretend
That everything is alright
When it hurts So bad deep inside

Now baby Tell me
That you will hold me
Untill The day i die
Till the last breathe that i have

Now baby Tell me
When everything goes bad
Would you always be there for me
Would you always be just right by my side

Oh tell me baby
that if we both have love
Everything will be alright

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