Looking back last year i have nothing but debts and myself, but i can’t say i am successful now, with things coming and friends going out of my life. I can only say that things are going well and my dreams are slowly coming true. As what they say that “Good things comes to those who wait…”.

Its a big sacrifice to turn your backs at your old friends and even your relatives to which i have to focus on the basic “me,myself and I”, but before i leave them i make sure that they will understand me, because i really have to be alone to know my own capabilities.

It’s a fact that i always rely on other’s even the decisions for myself at some point that they put the words on my mouth. But I am trying to learn on my own, though at times i really need to be spoon fed still. But slowly i want to get out of it and be on my own. I am too old biologically, but my spirit and heart never will be old enough. And maybe that is the reason why i am not acting what i should at my age. It’s a proven truth that when you have one, you lose one. Maybe to balance things out, because having too much is not always good.

There are more things coming and i have to be ready, emotionally and professionally and am not getting any younger.

As time does not trickle down the glass but flows like river on a perpetual motion without stopping. Till we cant feel no more where our own time stops and others begin. To our end and a our new beginning.

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