Hey it’s weekday already hehe, isn’t it obvious, :D, Well as we can observe all the days are ordinary excepts something is happening/has happened or scheduled, only then it will become significant, and what make this day significant to me? Well, it’s my Sister’s graduation and i am not there, i always make it to be there on all her special occasion but today i can’t. There will be no “Handaan” as she prefer’s cash to buy things and stuffs for college and she is moving to Los Banos. Another addition to hangout hehe.

Over these day there are so much happening at work, though i have lonely nights at my place. But it’s lonely night no more, coz i had reformatted my phone on goldcrest and it is as good as new, and then loaded it up with “Sims bustin’ out Game” to keep me company at night.

At work i have to re setup the monitoring server from scratch to it’s former operational glory which could take up till monday depending on the authority given to me to which i started it thursday night. And another reason is that i am also serving an offshore client for his server to be maintained and managed. Done some other stuff such as evaluation and installation of opensource softwares and pass some documents to my supervisor which i am worse in doing hehe. The irony is that i dont have a pc at home. Well at least i could get off a computer even for while. And if needed i can hangout on my trusted almost 24 hour computer rental near my former rented room.

Also today is the final exam at UPOU in which i was supposed to take “if” had manage my time well, i cant because i have to re learn all the stuffs just to be at ease at work and to be smooth. Now i can but still having a bit of trouble about it sometimes. But i will definitely can.

To my Sister and to all the graduates “Congrats”.To the examinees good luck and hope for the best result, hope you all passed…to me good luck..and god bless to all

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