I need a break, love lots :D, God Bless!

Listening to BEP just to be pepped up to work, but i can’t work well, just bumming out and tying up some loose end on some of my configurations, updating configs, and testing some scripts, but all things that i do right now makes no sense to me, not thrills no frills no excitement.

it doesn’t mean that i am not liking my job or am loosing my touch, i love it. but the air isn’t so conjucive enough for me to develop or set up something what is due next week.

As far as my job is concern i am already finished with the crucial task and i am done already, all that i have to do is test and tweak. Hope i can apply these to my studies. Because as trained here and from my last employer which forces me to learn in creation of a HA(High Availability) project in a week or three days to which i can divided my working hours for installation(20%), configuration(30%) and last is tweaking,troubleshooting and customizing(50%).

This past few weeks i always feel tired without no reason at all. Or maybe there is but i dont know where could it come from. Like it’s every day is a day that i just wanted to pass and get by.So lonely.And I thank him for keeping me up. And my trusty ever loyal friend….my phone..Finished three game titles already…They are “The Sim’s Bustin Out” , “Call of Duty“, and Currently I am Sam Fisher on “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory“, i love stealth.

But still that aint gonna overcome my what i’m feeling. This weekend after work there will be a midshifts swimming at Jed’s island. Still i dont know if that would help, but maybe at least it will make me happy for a while.Will be wasted and sleeping and had so much fun that i could get, even though i know it’s temporary and it’s against my upcoming plan to stop social drinking/drinking, because i want to take care of my voice. And also to reduce my expense as i am aiming to buy something.

Anyway thats about it for now…as you have noticed i dont have postings that have pics..i dont have a camera, haha..am opting to buy one, soon enough…I always pray for your well being..you who you are my friend…i’ll be posting out swimming pictures and my bestfriend’s homecoming party who is a seaman.


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