Another Farting Technique

I know know it’s gross but i experienced it here it goes.

The common techniques as we know are:

1. The quiet type.
*these are the one that will release and pretend that they arent smelling anything at all, deadma effect.

2. The blamer.
*these are the type who will release the will loudly react to the smell.

3. The falsetto
*these happens when you suppress the release but still unable to control it and make a squeaking sound.

4. The Hardened Face/Clown type
*these are people who really doesn’t care about anything and will release even they are in front of the people and sometime will laugh about it.

5. Pull something
*these are the people who will ask you to pull something and then they will release it.

6. Watch my phone collection pic then i’ll fart
*these the latest that i had experienced this after noon where the initiator show his smartphone picture collection then farts like he dont care. that ^@%#^&%@# it makes my stomach flip inside out. and its quite liberating when i got out of the FX.

It’s nice to be in the office *sigh*


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