Daily Thoughts 6/21/06 9:46 am – Rewarding

i am fruitful yesterday, as i had accomplished almost all the tasks that i wanted to finished. The former plan had changed so i had to adjusts and maybe delayed again for a week or two.

And i thank God for everything specially Jesus who helps me everyday. Waking up every morning is such a great blessing.


Daily Thoughts 6/20/06 8:25 am – Work overload

I did not accomplish much yesterday as planned, as nëw request pile up and added on my to do list. There is too much information overload. Normally those projects that I will implement would take a week or two but if done right it could just take 2 to 3 days and the rest is for troubleshooting. Hope everything is settled today as i will be early to have more time in the implementation of my to do list. I left the office at around 11pm. Passing by Coffee and Bean, I thought i saw someone i knew, as she covered her face while I pass, I mind, but i dont bother knowing who she was. Its a clear signal. Well nice knowing her. She was nice, but . . . . . Anyway have a nice day. God bless.

Daily Thoughts 6/19/06 1:51 am – Los Banos

I am already tired and sleepy. Its because of:
1. Drinks i had last night
2. Trip to Los Baños
3. Lack of sleep
4. Heavy traffic

though above are the ones that consume much of my energy there was a discovery that i had experienced while travelling the bus. The way that they are issuing tickets are different from the conventional punch hole ticketing system, which is inaccurate and costly. They now use a PDA. The whole unit is composed of a pda(Palm Zire 21), Bus Ticketting System program, and a portable thermal printer. For whoever who made this i thank you coz you make my day. Day ends with a meaningful sms conversation with my angel. Slip tight.

Daily Thoughts 6/18/06 1:11 am – Dencios

Everything is going according to my plan as all the work i scheduled to be done are almost finished. Everything is arranged and had been written on my to-do list. The day is stressfull but bearable. And ends up drinking at Dencios’, to which the tab was sponsored by our former officemate Ryan and Joyce, but would give my share later this payday. Roster was me, Denner, Joyce, Anna, Ryan, Allan and Ivy. We were all tipsy when we left dencios except Ivy as she only had ice tea. The drunks accompanied Ivy to meet up with sir eric, mark and CJ at 7-11 after renderring overtime. When we rendevous with them Denner asks if we would go for another round i say yes and ordered red horse, to wrap up the day. I ended up arriving at 4:45 and sleeping till noon trying to wake up early as I would bring things for my sister because she will be boarding at UP dorm.

Daily Thoughts 6/17/06 2:28 am – Bad Luck Heavy Traffic

The day ends well and it ends with a conversation with a colleague about the overhaul of the mail system’s ptr. But my day doesn’t start good, as i was affected by the FX shortage and a standstill midday traffic at ortigas plus being soaked by the rain when it poured, when i am about halfway near the office. The song of d.powter plays on my mind, as i was on the elevator i must say it a really bad day for me. But good is good and am thankful that i could still wake up in the morning and could see the beauty of his creation.

My sister is so makulit and she keeps on bugging me to bring the vcd player as replacement, for her to bring the cd player, to have something to listen to. And that day would be sunday.would i give in well lets’s see

Daily thoughts 6/15/06 1:18 am – Snake Dreams

I am back from a long slump of business and here it goes..

I am in mix emotions and feelings yesterday. I dreamt of snake swallowing a different bred of dogs, then end up chasing and biting me. Not with just one snake but two. Searched it on the net and it meant change on a positive side, but betrayal on the negative. I sleep stressed and bothered and will be convincing myself to accept whatever mäy come. Am good while am alone i guess. :-(.

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