Updates.updates? – About my blog title on friendster

There isn’t such a thing lately, because i can’t, yeah it’s all boil downs to lame excuses…and it’s true i am lame because i make those…so here it goes..

I ponder why i chose “chosen calling” as the title of my blog on friendster…. seriously whenever i do a title of a blog it always means something to me. But the fact is, it’s everytime when i feel too low , alone, sad or collectively known as EMO mode, i will always resort to writing such. When i am too much happy i can’t, but i am when i am IN LOVE. Heck the most used word again which flames up different emotions and adrogens in the body, that sometimes doesn’t have a meaning after all, even if you said it in other words, if it lacks the actions it is meaningless.

Lately nothing is coming up favorably to me, yet i know there is always a reason for it. But before i continue sulking to complains. I really would like to thank god every time i go to sleep and wake up the morning after, as i can never know if i will still open up my eyes, i am all alone home. And it would take time to discover that i am already dead.

Yeah independence is such a big thing, i had seek for it a long time as i am a family rebel, being one is knowing the way of the street. Even at times i could never be differentiated to a street kid as there were times that some people can mistakenly identify me as a homeless kid.

This is where i develop a different way of approach of everything. I am mostly a pasaway in every aspect. But a workhorse if handled well. still at this very moment i could not recall i chose the title. But i’ll give it a shot. Well i guess that everytime we are “called” to whatever task god want’s us to be, it would always be on our hands to chose as we are given freedom by GOD, but still if our choices was not on his plan he will always have ways to guide you to the path you are called. “For many are called but few are chosen” Matt. 24:14.


When SILENCE is best..

I dont know, may be it’s just me or the world around me..
But i guess saying nothing for the past few days were better..


Elipses and long pause could mean …
A blank look on an empty face
A wall with a hole
A mind that has no content at all
It could mean everything or nothing at all

Poetry that could meant to someone
But to some are just angst getting out
As Don Mclean says
“Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless head on nameless walls”
As for me
“Faceless Heads hung on empty shoulders,
Meaningful words from no namers”

Heck life it is…
You can never really know
I think that is life
Long pause, littlle talk.

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