Touting Thoughts – IdNXs

The failure to please and the failure to meet expectations.

Surely you can’t please everybody. You always wanted to become a certain person but fail to become one because of financial reason. I dont want to pretend I am someone else, I just wanted to be myself and dont want to held back what I wanted to be. But surely that reason will hold you back to become what you really want in the first place. You could be branded as social climber, yes you will I assure you. As you join a company of well to do and have somethings, but when you are out and become one of the I have nothing and a non mysterious person because you have told them the true plain you and there are not a single mystery that shrouded you. And when you start to withdraw and stay away for a while, then the IdNXS treatment will takeover. IdNXS is a feeling of people that is physically there but can’t be seen, It’s like the Invisible Man, the Departed or the Others, even though they have your contact numbers.

I should have listen and i should have followed the NORMS. You are categorically in a certain group of people, aware or not this categorization really exist to where you really feel that you belong. If you don’t you will surely be hurt.

Surely we are one on God’s eyes, but there is only one God. Yes, we are made in his own image and likeness but the fact is we are not God, we are his creation that had been given a power to choose.It’s what i feel right now. But it’s ok i can survive.It’s a challenge from God and certainly I will learn and had leaned from it.


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