Just a State of Mind

This is a day that I feel empty, though my state is like this I am still thankful to GOD that I am still alive. This was a feeling of wanting to hold on someone, but that someone is someone that you can’t hold onto, got it? further…:)..:(..it’s about loving…loving is a risk everybody takes on their life..when you found someone to love, it’s hard to make them love you back and if they do love you it might be at a certain limitation or if you are successful enough i could only say a loud “GOOD FOR YOU”..and if someone had found you, you’re heart is already dreaming of an ideal someone…In my case I now have less faith as time had battered my heart and already scorned with failures and wrong moves that i did i the past…I know that I should not lurk on those and move on, but it had made my heart into a stone, as i could pass events and things like nothing happens, but the bad thing is depression can resurface such past…I admit that I am physically challenge and had already accepted that fact…but I just wanted to be loved and to learn to love back unconventionally.

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