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I’ve been out of the blog roll for quite a while, it’s almost about 2 months i think.I recently transferred to a new job which has hardware as a business. A big deal and a big move for me as I was used to handling software and server development. Now I am handling the hardware where i used to install the applications.

Hopefully I can be faithful to this at a daily basis.

Here is my first installment about my recent happenings:

It’s been a while that I had been gone from my former office. What do I left?, again it’s my heart. Everytime I moved to another office there is always a part of me that I leave behind. Maybe my friend is right, as she can see that I am a person who has a sign taped on the back “Please break my heart”. May be she was right, she was really really right about it I think.

Hear I am, broken, shattered and still alone….but this might be better. I got a job and maybe this job can occupy me for a while or forever. Never minding anything about LOVE and having a relationship. Maybe it’s better this way….maybe it’s best…..maybe…’s best to fade in this world ALONE….

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