Holics, Frolicks and Colics….

I am always like this when depressed, I dug myself into work, I wander and I listen to sad music. Getting out of it unknowingly and finding myself on the same situation, Again!.

As of this moment it’s Past 3:00 am in the morning, a bit sleepy and grouchy, but I have to nail down my task.Delivery, delivery, delivery…. that’s all I could think about now….

Other than work I have nothing on my mind yet, darn I still have to read and fix my credentials to apply back to My College Alma Mater as a Lecturer, I miss the valid ID and teaching of course.


Work – Client – Home

all are interchangeable whatever keeps me busy, I don’t mind. I just wanted to get by my everyday life, if this is considered a lifestyle.

Gotta to talk with our supplier, that Is the reason I am still up and awake here at the office. 😦


Fool’s day, fool’s month Foolish me

It’s April fool’s day yesterday, only one person had greeted me.
I smiled after I received it, she is also the one that I sent a message about me getting off for good.

It’s funny how you feel bad and sad for that kind of feeling. But whenever you had her attention all those kind of feelings fade away in an instant, and you feel whole again.

She had asked me whom am I talking about on the message but i segwayed and changed the topic.

My feelings are playing me to the extent of not realizing the reality.

I do promise a lot, but to be safe i don’t set a time because I am still working on timed promises. But whenever I do I felt like I am shrugged like a kid to a mom who wanted a candy but shooed and been scolded.

Honestly I am not supposed to do it but it’s a self fulfillment and practice so that it will become a routine a habit, which i don’t have .

I am just being honest as another promise that I won’t lie to her.

Today i told her it was about her.I don’t know what would be the outcome but still I am hoping for good.

Just like April fool’s day it plays with your mind.

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