Holics, Frolicks and Colics….

I am always like this when depressed, I dug myself into work, I wander and I listen to sad music. Getting out of it unknowingly and finding myself on the same situation, Again!.

As of this moment it’s Past 3:00 am in the morning, a bit sleepy and grouchy, but I have to nail down my task.Delivery, delivery, delivery…. that’s all I could think about now….

Other than work I have nothing on my mind yet, darn I still have to read and fix my credentials to apply back to My College Alma Mater as a Lecturer, I miss the valid ID and teaching of course.


Work – Client – Home

all are interchangeable whatever keeps me busy, I don’t mind. I just wanted to get by my everyday life, if this is considered a lifestyle.

Gotta to talk with our supplier, that Is the reason I am still up and awake here at the office. 😦

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