Priceless Moments

I thank Sir Eric and Sir Paul for lending me the camera and becoming the camera man themselves.

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Pimp My Ride Season One

Yes you can read it clear, though I am kind a late to write about this, it’s just last night that I finished watching the Season one of this Television Series by MTV, Hosted or Pimped by Xzibit with their in house Car Custom Shop or should I say Pimp house, WestCoast Customs.

Being a budding custom tuner car enthusiast this is a series that I would not miss to watch. The plot is simple, Xzibit finds the owner of a ruined car and takes it to the West Coast Customs for a renovation and later to G.A.S at season six  If you want to get some idea of what pimping for your car would you want to be this is the show to watch. Peace out! bro. Next is I am getting my hands on the second season.

Iphone hacked!

At last the I-phone is no more AT&T exclusive. It is now a hot news all over  cyber space and local news that the much talked and hyped phone from Apple makers or .Mac, I-pod’s and I-tunes. Is now had been hack using the procedure of DVD Jon plus the cloning of sim using a supersim. The method to hack the phone is making it to think that it is connecting to the AT&T network then Eureka! you can now use the phone at any network.

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I wanted to start fresh, I wanted to start a new life and routine, well as you might know it’s what everybody say’s every start of the year, every start of the month, every start of the week and every start of the day. It’s obvious everything has to begin but doesn’t have an ending.

Today is Monday, I am here in the province I wanted to do a closure of so many things in the past before I start a new one, Here is what I did.

1. Ate my last pancit canton

It is my staple food since the college days, if you did not experience eating this kind of noodle, I could say that you are either too rich or you have a different preference plus you miss experiencing a part of a migrant student from the province. Evidently this is also a source of unneeded salt and lots of diseases if taken too much or less but continually at a certain span of time. Too much and too less of something is bad for health.

2. Rode my last taxi

I will not cease riding one but as a primary mode of transportation I will. It’s the one that make my transportation expenditures bloated. Also I want to have a habit of a 15 to 20 minute walk to and from the office. I am getting bloated too. I wanted to stay at a 99kilos or much better less.

3. Nailed my last tardiness.

For my former office mate they could know that it is my habit but I would like to put a dot on it, I agree it’s so easy to say and so hard to do, but everything can be achieved if the will is strong. I will try.

4. Eat less from a fast food.

Green leafy vegetables and everything that is cooked like my mom’s.

That would be it for now  there is more but I have to start at less number first and if all this steps had been successful and had become a habit I could only say that all is worth the effort and it’s time to add more.

Lost In the Merlion’s Land

First time mo….hmmm well "OO". A commercial of a popular carbonated drink that I can relate my experience here in Singapore. Here are the reasons what "first times" experiences that I have in this foreign country that feels like an extension of Makati combined with the lush greenery of UP LB and Diliman but a more richer version.

1. The airplane ride.

Before we left Manila for Singapore, I converse and ask people on our provicial town Sariaya of what do they feel when they are on the plane, the first person I asked is my dad and he say’s that it is like the feeling of riding a roller coaster, my bestfriend says’ it’s like riding a BUS with a little different feeling at descent and landing. Well they are both right about it  on descent and landing it is more like riding a roller coaster but once you are up it’s like a bus cruising the Norh Expressway(NLEX). I love the feeling of air pockets and a little turbulence because, it’s like your bus had been suspended on air and then experience a sudden drop due to a change in terrain.

2. In Foreign land

Yes, this is my first out of country experience, well the feeling is the same when I study in manila as a half meralco scholar, new things, new way of life, there is nothing that i know of the place, but just names and addresses. I still don’t know how to go around and the what and where to get the transportation going from point A to point B.Good thing taxi service is available but it is expensive, so we have to learn to ride the public transporatation system.

3. Feeling lost on a foreign land

I felt that but actually it’s the helpless feeling that we felt when we don’t know what bus or transportation that we would we take to go back to our spanish hotel which our HR head despise as it lacks the amenities and facilities that he would expect on the price that our company pays.Good thing there is a samaritan that help us out, it’s an Indian National that work for ATandT his name is Ramneek, I thought it was romnick so I hit a joke that his name sounded like a popular matinee idol of the 80’s who is Romnick Sarmenta.Great thing we are back at the hotel.

4. First picture on a Post card type Scenery

Chinese Temple, Indian Temple all in China Town and the popular orchard road to name them all, yes we did not get around too much and since it’s a business trip,we just squeezed what we can squeeze on the time we have. Lucky for us we rode the wrong train, we circled almost all the north and southern part of singapore via their MRT system.Also it’s my first time to hold an advance camera a CANON Rebel XT bought in the US, I thank Sir Paul for the experience as we have the pictorial souvenir.

Well these are all that I can think about my firsts on Singapore, of the interracial view of women and the mixing of races really produces a good view for the eyes (don’t think of me as an oggling pervert), I like to adore the looks and appreciate God’s creation,specially of the opposite sex, well I am still a patriot, but who will not, as I have seen a very beautiful women who has the mix of all the races thought she was a foreigner and what a surprise she speaks tagalog.

I am Confused

It’s happening again…I am getting so confused now and I don’t know what to seems that the task are repetitive. or was it me not giving enough effort

Internal AIR

Thought For the Day

If AIR comes out of your mouth after eating that is called DIG-HIGH(Tagalog-Philippines- word for burping, an english sound a like of the tagalog “DIGHAY”), if the comes out of the opposite end it’s DIG-LOW(Air Friendly version of the Tagalog-Phillipines-word “UTOT” which it’s real english equivalent is “FART”). This friendly reminder is brought to you by Para safe paracetamol dahil makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay!

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