I wanted to start fresh, I wanted to start a new life and routine, well as you might know it’s what everybody say’s every start of the year, every start of the month, every start of the week and every start of the day. It’s obvious everything has to begin but doesn’t have an ending.

Today is Monday, I am here in the province I wanted to do a closure of so many things in the past before I start a new one, Here is what I did.

1. Ate my last pancit canton

It is my staple food since the college days, if you did not experience eating this kind of noodle, I could say that you are either too rich or you have a different preference plus you miss experiencing a part of a migrant student from the province. Evidently this is also a source of unneeded salt and lots of diseases if taken too much or less but continually at a certain span of time. Too much and too less of something is bad for health.

2. Rode my last taxi

I will not cease riding one but as a primary mode of transportation I will. It’s the one that make my transportation expenditures bloated. Also I want to have a habit of a 15 to 20 minute walk to and from the office. I am getting bloated too. I wanted to stay at a 99kilos or much better less.

3. Nailed my last tardiness.

For my former office mate they could know that it is my habit but I would like to put a dot on it, I agree it’s so easy to say and so hard to do, but everything can be achieved if the will is strong. I will try.

4. Eat less from a fast food.

Green leafy vegetables and everything that is cooked like my mom’s.

That would be it for now  there is more but I have to start at less number first and if all this steps had been successful and had become a habit I could only say that all is worth the effort and it’s time to add more.


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