ERAP guilty or not guilty?

The Verdict is out as we all hear it, yes you hear it right he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt of plunder and acquitted on perjury. But trial is not over yet as they will still appeal to the supreme court. There is a season two to this real life telenovela.

This only show that his trial and conviction is an open secret of how our judiciary and government works. personally for me it sucks, as this milestone event only affects those who are in power and have the means.

Me as an ordinary worker it doesn’t matter whether he is guilty or not, will it help my status? As a filipino citizen will it improve my country.

Every vaudeville, congressional and senate talk shows and Anti opposition commmercial production done by the government is at the taxpayer’s costs, which is deducted at every 15th and end of the month of the working majority and evaded by the big company who earn millions just by changing names and shuffling it’s incorporators, "kaya ang mayayaman ay lalong yumayaman"(that is why all those who are rich are gaining more).

Also our OFW and expat are trying to help through remittances as we all know they are contributing by the billions. But where does it all goes? What does our government do of such big amounts?

In the news where we can hear that they are deliberating budgets we could hear billions, where will they get this? What we have is trillions in debt and not the Reserve.

Also there are news that I read a while ago that we have a high inflation rate because there are so many people exchanging their dollars. My question is how come? Where does the dollar goes after they exchange it to pesos.

I will become too old if I will write all my rants of what is happening now on our country. I still believed in the hope that all will be ok if we work and move together and move on. Hopefully it will.

Final words:

::Irony of Ironies::
Imagine that the Philippines is recovering, Higher revenue, Higher Dollar reserve, Lower Peso Exchange but Higher basic commodity and Transportation price.

— More and more filipino’s think that going abroad is the answer to poverty.

— Migrating from our country is the answer for an experience of good governance and pro people government.

— Iilan lang ang nakikinabang kasi maraming mayayaman ang nagpapatakbo sa likod ng mga nakahalal, inihalal ng bayan kinurap ng may kaperahan (Only few rich people benefits because all elected officials are corrupted by the few people who have money)

Relax and take it easy, it’s all in the day’s work.

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