12 or more ways to identify a blogger

I remember the e-mails that is encircling the past few years about how to identify,
if you live in a computer age list, so I tried to compose a similar one that pertains to bloggers,

I hope I’m the first one but if not, please point the article to me. It might contain more hilarious and much funnier points of knowing a blogger.

1. Busy typing in notepad application, so as not to get caught.
2. Taking too much picture or video of self.
3. Taking too much picture of video others.
4. Taking pictures of the food to be consumed.
5. Taking pictures of the plate that contained the food.
6. Read a lot of rss feeds and other blog entries.
7. Have a paypal account.
8. Have a credit card.
9. Have a google account for analytics.
10. Have multiple blogs.
11. Have multiple social website account
12. Have multiple forum accounts.

if you can suggest ways please do so and add. I am guilty of a lot of things here..

Miel The CatMcdo Food Bonifacio on a rainy day


I Can has Picture! Too

It’s been a while and It has been too long that I’ve been planning to purchase a digital camera to use in my personal blog to add life and sights on my blog. Truly pictures can paint a thousand words or may be just 5 words.


I Can Has Picture TooTriangular Bush Triangular Bush
Makati Residential AreaMakati Skyline w/ Vios

Though this camera is pre-owned I could feel that it will serve me a lot for the days to come.

Picture, Picture… 😉

My plan is to capture the ordinary on a little something special way,
Will soon be featuring pictures of my daily commute and provincial shots .

At First Sight

I have seen you once
But had etched deeply on my mind
Next is slowly on my heart

Like a viral infection
That is overcoming me
And like a fever
that is burning inside me

As little by little I have known You
The more and more I crave having you
For now the reason are unclear
But as of now I wanted you to be near

Please stay and dont go away
This might be more than the liking
And might be the love that is coming my way

And I am thankful you are still there

Reason I read Marketing Pilgrim

I read Marketing Pilgrim because it is one of my sources for tips, tricks and the latest News on SEO and SEM stuffs,honestly there are also others but as I see that there are no blogger or marketer alike, he is one of my many favorite. Another reason is he always makes the approach personal and he is always there to do the replies personally.

Regards and Good Luck.


If only I

At first it was really obvious
We cannot be together
It’s just a dream to have you
A dream that I take it to the next level

I know it would not lead to anything
But still I persist and insist
Because it’s my heart that tells me so
It’s the love that I felt for you
And hoped you could feel it too

Though this is one way
I still loved you anyway
I have seen you rose and fell
But I just stay here as an observer

If only I could tell you how I feel
If only I could make you feel
That I loved you since the day
That sweetest smile crossed my way

I know you might think it’s skin deep
But by being around you I felt that depth
A depth that only an in love heart can fathom

A depth that keeps me from falling into you
So if only I could tell you
Maybe you will love me too.

Word of LOVE

A set of letters is not a word
If it doesn’t represent an expression Or a physical thing

A word will not mean anything
if it does not express or represent something

A set of words cannot become a sentence
if the words does not compliment each other

So it’s true and proven that I could never say


if I don’t really mean it

Still want to know why?

God is LOVE, LOVE is what bind us together
if without, it will be just I and YOu
It would not make sense at all
Because I cannot express your worth

In short.
It cannot be completed,
If there is no LOVE between I and YOU.

A Journey

I dont know what is there
at the end of the tunnel
All that my mind can grasps
Is that there’s something different
Waiting for me at the end
Something better
Something new

I thread a path
that seems endless and dark
I have no directions
I get wherever my feet leads me
Or where my heart is inclined to go

I am restless and alone
I have somebody that I can hold on
But I know it wont last that long
Limitations is at the door
And it is inevitable

I mind my every step
And learned from all the experience
Still a pilgrim on this earth
A journey from first breath to death

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