Baby blues

My weekend was great, I was with the second most important woman in my life,guess who it is, my soon to be life partner.

Honey ko Me and my hon1 Me and My hon

I am really proud and happy on the day that we crossed our path at our small sari sari store. I dont want to miss weekends and breaks because it’s my only time to be with her and share moments with each other.

Our activity at that weekend was to go to one of her former officemate, Ate or Tita lanie, she recently gave birth to a Seven and a half pounds healthy girl.

Ate Lanie and Baby Claire Anne

Sleeping Anne Ate Lanie and Baby Claire Anne Claire Anne

My honey was happy to see her are she would really looking forward having one at the right time(not now, not near but at the right time). She was happy and glad seeing a so cute face whenever the baby smile, yawn frown and pout in front of her. Added bonus to that is whenever the baby do some actions we can see her dimples and it never fails to make us sigh and say “Ang cute naman nung baby” (how cute the baby is).

She is a healthy and lucky one because she was well breast fed by her mom “Ate” Lani. and thus makes me wandering on baby sites this day. Since all are plans, what I can least is to look for unisex clothes, playtoys and gears such as strollers, carrier and cot. One product that strike me is are products made by quinny‘s as it looks cool and futuristic but the hip carrier is similar to the ones used by our indigenous people here, the aetas or agtas.


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  1. Good luck, bro. I can can see how happy the two of you are.

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