Since my sister was still a kid I’ve been collecting happy meal toy sets for her, but now that she’s gone to college everything stops and instead used the money for other things. Last night the drive on completing a Happy meal set possess me again and this time the featured toy is a teddy bear holding letters, I forgot the branding which is kinda similar to the Angel letter set in littler resin figurine in which you can form name that you like.

I have to complete the set that will resemble the name S-H-I-R-L-E-Y M-H-A-Y but what I only got are these:

Teddy Alphabet
S-H-I-R-L-E-? M-H-A-?

the “Y” is missing, obviously.

Before hand I purchased S-H-I-R-L-E at Paseo and the Branch Near SGV, my search start with the Mc Donald’s Paseo Branch going to the Branch near SGV to Glorrieta then to SM Makati then found the “M” “A” letter from the MRT Ayala station Branch. Since I still have to fill up the two “Y” i continue my quest to Edsa Central Branch with no luck and closed Shangrila branch I went to Pasig Rotonda branch, San joaquin and Pateros, unfortunately they don’t have the “Y” so again I rode an FX going to Megamall and Drop off to El pueblo, Strata and lastly at Ortigas branch in front of Meralco main building to no avail they don’t have the stock and informing me that they will phase it out and replace it with a new set of happy meal toys. Bravely I ventured going to taytay hoping that a branch might be open but sadly it is closed.

To give you an Idea here is my map trail been in 12 branches from 7 to 1:00 am:


Please please please if you happen to know where I can buy two Letter “Y”, It will be my gift to her for this new year.

On my valiant Quest I found my former officemate Neoli and Edge they now declared themselves as retired because they are already rich unlike their friend Leng that needs to work.

Leng,Edge and NeoliOrtigas Heroes
See the resemblance – Just Kidding

Both of them now enjoy the beauty of simple life in the province having danggit, sinangag as breakfast.


Purchase of The Week – Splatter Guard

I want to share to the world What I purchase every now and then and I want to showcase something new every week or at least every other week. My hobby or should I say weakness are kitchen implements and kitchen tools, I want to make my life easier on the kitchen to have more time in experimenting, discovering and learning how to cook than preparing it. What I have purchased so far is a deep frier and thinking of the safety of someone who might use it or other pan. I puchased this Splatter Gurad at Japan Home Center at Park Square and here it is:

Splatter Guard

It is some sort of a net or guard that works as a cover with view, this cannot be use as a strainer because it doesn’t have a support in the middle. and here yah go my splatter guard for my sister to cook fish and fried foods with watery content.

Somebody wants to Burst the bubble of another bubble

There is a recent linkbait MTV spreading on the blogosphere that is sued by Lane Hartwell according to the Chow Blog post Bubble Burst for Here’s Comes Another Bubble, reason is she was upset for not compensating for her work and thus opted her to Find an Attorney, leading to the DMCA notices to YouTube To take down the video, even before it reaches a 700K views.
*Photo Courtesy of Bigmouth Media

We all know how viral video work here in the internet so better enjoy the clip while it’s still popular before her attorney drains out all her money for the bill. Click here to watch the video

Organico Loco

Lately there is a craze in going organic may it be a supplement, vegetable, drinks, and furniture. People are going conscious of what they are ingesting and using nowadays, truly the saying “what you eat is what you are” is true. With the calamities and incurable disease spreading, many are rolling back to what their ancient use to consume to live a longer healthy life. Organic products nowadays are going global such as the matcha, liverade, ampalaya plus, and X-10 an advance food supplement from containing lactobacillus plantarum. Lactobacillus Plantarum

Statistically speaking organic consumption are on the rise but there are more introduction and information dissemination to do for everyone to be aware of the benefits of going organic, not just for ou benefit but also fror the environment.

Here in my hometown I tried the vermiculture to produce organic fertilizer through collection of worms stools, Since it require’s much attention I have to shelve it for later,It would be when I am settled down.

Living a life that is is healthy, fun and environment friendly is a great combination and a good practice and gift for the future generation. As one of the cable ad say “We all live in a place where we could not leave – earth”

Back to School

January is near and decision is a must if I’ll continue my studies at UP Open University or go to other school offering the same concept of studying. This time I wanted to have an option as I cannot keep at pace everytime I enrolled on subjects under Associate in Arts. I browsed the Internet and here is what I got.


* UST Study Abroad –
* Gibbs College –
* Up Open University –

2 local college and a US based one. Whatever and wherever school I enrolled I must have focus in what I do so that I can Keep up and be successful in it. Obviously my last option now is the OU. To be honest I am shy to go there as I had promised someone there that I will get through last semester but not. Hoping I can get the beat finished the goal that I wanted to achieved.

Living as an Overseas Filipino Immigrant Worker

In here, my beloved phillipines, not the government. Every filipino are wishing to go abroad to somehow alleviate their current condition. Most filipino migration target are the well known rich countries such as US, Canada, Saudi and Australia. But lately filipino migrant workers are spread on different countries having foreigner husbands or wives or a contracted job. If lucky enough that I can migrate for australia hoping that I can be at Perth, for starters I want to include Babysitting Jobs Perth is a good place to stay as this is the biggest city on western australia,with that fact would also mean more job opportunity.


Though my priority would be US or Canada, well what ever comes first would always be a blessing. Still this is a dream but I am moving forward to make this dream come true.

My Christmas Wish

All of us are wishing for something to receive this Christmas, whatever that maybe, big or small, expensive or cheap it’s always having what we eagerly wanted or needed, but if you are the giver the thought is what matters. But before jumping into a shopping spree first you have to research what is best to have a good/best gadgets or stuff such as best digital camera for your hard earned bucks.

My list are:

1. Wife and partner*
2. House**
3. 6 or More Megapixel Still Camera
4. A good MP4 or multiformat Camera


* I already have this and plans are being drafted
** Still have to earn more

Basically the 3rd to 4th wish are the things that I hope someone will give me or what I can try to afford because my main priority is settling down for the first wish. These items would help me much to venture on a high quality pictures for a photo and a video blog.

I will be hanging my christmas sock


hopefully someone might pass by to give a smile to me granting any of my Christmas wishes. Pre-owned but in a good working condition will do.

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