Holiday Rush

Christmas time is near, Everyone is busy and rushing for the Holiday season, it’s about gifts, thoughts to give, bonuses, cash and more cash will come out of our pockets. At the end of the day, all our extra cash will be gone and we will resort to all means to get cash quick. Sample of it are our trusted indians for the 5-6, collateral loans and other such as what ThinkCash Loans offers.

Paseo De Roxas Makati Triangle Manger Lighted Tree

The streets are full of lights. I been thinking of what gifts that I will give to my only one and loved ones.

After office, I always walk past and scout at a popular mall here in makati, just to prepare and to have idea on what I will give to each and everyone. Personally I don’t want to give a gift that doesn’t have the recipient in mind and have the person’s personality in consideration.

What I also mind is the budget, How can I fit everyone on my alloted amount of money, though christmas is the time where employer’s are so generous, in which there are less days of work but have the same salary provisioned. Alloting the extra money to the extra expense can make you suffer after the holidays. We can avoid this but what if not?

Here in the my country the popular or race of people are the indians I am not being racist but they are the most popular person to go to when you have financial problem as you don’t have to go to a strict requirements of the Credit company, just show your self, where you live and make your landlady your guarantor and at instant they will give you what you need, did I say “what you need” yes it’s because they are not just offering money to lend but also items that you might need from umbrellas to furniture and appliances. But what is the catch? everyday they will go to your house and collect a certain amount from you.

so how it goes?

if you borrow 500 PHP you will pay it 600 PHP that is why it is called 5-6 here. so 600 PHP divided by the number of days it will mature is surely a low and a good deal. Same goes with the appliances and items.

Some people money lenders also accepts ATM as a guarantee , this is our version to sell annuity, what you will provide is your payroll ATM, it’s PIN and the date of your salary. it goes by withdrawing the money themselves and giving you the amount of money left on your 15th and 30th salary. That is their way of making sure you can provide them your promised amount.

I don’t really want to go into these troubles especially on a generous time of the year. So friends as a reminder always set or allot what you and have only what you need. Have a Merry christmas.

Ayala Avenue Barasoain Church Sets on the Christmas Tree Lighting


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