My Christmas Wish

All of us are wishing for something to receive this Christmas, whatever that maybe, big or small, expensive or cheap it’s always having what we eagerly wanted or needed, but if you are the giver the thought is what matters. But before jumping into a shopping spree first you have to research what is best to have a good/best gadgets or stuff such as best digital camera for your hard earned bucks.

My list are:

1. Wife and partner*
2. House**
3. 6 or More Megapixel Still Camera
4. A good MP4 or multiformat Camera


* I already have this and plans are being drafted
** Still have to earn more

Basically the 3rd to 4th wish are the things that I hope someone will give me or what I can try to afford because my main priority is settling down for the first wish. These items would help me much to venture on a high quality pictures for a photo and a video blog.

I will be hanging my christmas sock


hopefully someone might pass by to give a smile to me granting any of my Christmas wishes. Pre-owned but in a good working condition will do.


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  1. Try to ask Master Betong. Here’s his site: As for an affordable house, try to ask banks on foreclosed properties. They have very good deals on these and you may even get one at a very good price.

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