Living as an Overseas Filipino Immigrant Worker

In here, my beloved phillipines, not the government. Every filipino are wishing to go abroad to somehow alleviate their current condition. Most filipino migration target are the well known rich countries such as US, Canada, Saudi and Australia. But lately filipino migrant workers are spread on different countries having foreigner husbands or wives or a contracted job. If lucky enough that I can migrate for australia hoping that I can be at Perth, for starters I want to include Babysitting Jobs Perth is a good place to stay as this is the biggest city on western australia,with that fact would also mean more job opportunity.


Though my priority would be US or Canada, well what ever comes first would always be a blessing. Still this is a dream but I am moving forward to make this dream come true.


  1. after reading the above statement i am very impressed and plan to persue my further study in perth so what are the more benefits that i can get from there and i dont know anyone over there so i want to know what type of people is there and whether they are helpful or not ..and all…..ur suggestions and comments are highly appreciable and will help me in future. thank you

  2. Hi I work with the phillipinos migrant worker in IT, who is a nice lady with a phillipino husband and 3 kids. She could also manage to sponsor her phillipino sister, who is a doctor or a nurse or someone in Health Industry as a skilled migrant of Australia. i think she is the one of the success story of phillipinos.

    Her classmate (philipino) works at Sydney Airport and they didn’t know each other, landed in Australia for about 3 years, but met at the airport and were excited. They said there are many phillipinos in Australia and work in their professional fields. probably you guys could share some information with them.

  3. hello wat is the time of nyt is this photo taken plzzzz

  4. Hi, I´m from Brazil and i wenrt to Perth this year (july)
    Really i need to say that i loved this place and i intend going again!, but not to work, just to sighseeing!



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