Since my sister was still a kid I’ve been collecting happy meal toy sets for her, but now that she’s gone to college everything stops and instead used the money for other things. Last night the drive on completing a Happy meal set possess me again and this time the featured toy is a teddy bear holding letters, I forgot the branding which is kinda similar to the Angel letter set in littler resin figurine in which you can form name that you like.

I have to complete the set that will resemble the name S-H-I-R-L-E-Y M-H-A-Y but what I only got are these:

Teddy Alphabet
S-H-I-R-L-E-? M-H-A-?

the “Y” is missing, obviously.

Before hand I purchased S-H-I-R-L-E at Paseo and the Branch Near SGV, my search start with the Mc Donald’s Paseo Branch going to the Branch near SGV to Glorrieta then to SM Makati then found the “M” “A” letter from the MRT Ayala station Branch. Since I still have to fill up the two “Y” i continue my quest to Edsa Central Branch with no luck and closed Shangrila branch I went to Pasig Rotonda branch, San joaquin and Pateros, unfortunately they don’t have the “Y” so again I rode an FX going to Megamall and Drop off to El pueblo, Strata and lastly at Ortigas branch in front of Meralco main building to no avail they don’t have the stock and informing me that they will phase it out and replace it with a new set of happy meal toys. Bravely I ventured going to taytay hoping that a branch might be open but sadly it is closed.

To give you an Idea here is my map trail been in 12 branches from 7 to 1:00 am:


Please please please if you happen to know where I can buy two Letter “Y”, It will be my gift to her for this new year.

On my valiant Quest I found my former officemate Neoli and Edge they now declared themselves as retired because they are already rich unlike their friend Leng that needs to work.

Leng,Edge and NeoliOrtigas Heroes
See the resemblance – Just Kidding

Both of them now enjoy the beauty of simple life in the province having danggit, sinangag as breakfast.

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  1. im sure shirley will understand the missing y. youre her missing y. she’s ur x.

    see coldplay’s album. x & y.
    a love story of two people finally found.

    di pa kami rich, watts!!! we’re barely hanging on. but we’re happy at this acrobatic feat. 🙂

    ingat lagi

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