Phillippine Banks Can now Accept Paypal Funds

Phillippine Banks Can now Accept Paypal Funds
It was recently announced by Paypal via email that Phillippines and Indonesia can now withdraw from their paypal account to their local banks. This will be a good news guys. But will this eliminated verification?

So far what i did to have it verified was to use the Union bank’s eon card then withdraw with my EPCI bank account.

The process of enrolling your bank account can be found here:

and your 9 bank code digits here:

Take note that Bank codes are different from swift codes for inward transfer.

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Migrating Workers

Many of our students here in the philippines are taking nursing and other health care services related education such the same as offered by but the advantage is that this enabled you to have further credential as you will be certified by a new york based school.

To be honest I can see that much of the government revenue comes from the exported service personnel rather than the products produced here for imports. Also there is also a lot of imported goods that can be bought which can be labeled as disposable because it’s quality is substandard, bottomline is cheap.

Government official favored foreign products rather than supporting our own to improve it’s quality and invention. To be honest the commision and kick backs are better or best at imported rather than at exports. Observe’s customs official or personnel in which even the security guard can be much wealthier than a family who had an established business at the past 2 decades.

Observe communication gadgets such as cellphones who’s price are cheap abroad but when entered legally or illegally could cost thrice as international market price. You can feel it on our daily staple food which is not rice (Parts of rice in the market are imported) but the instant noodles in which I saw that the SRP or the traders price is 7.25 on the recent price circular of Monde Nissin.

We are more chinese in terms of the quantity in the consumption of chinese invented food “NOODLES”.

migration is inevitable because the government here is not yet rich enough to become the next Fidel Ramos. Because he had done the worst on our economy and money and yet he is not deemed liable for it.

Baby Can You Drive My Car?

Been Thinking about having my own car to drive from my home to office or to every where I wanted to go. My list includes Ford E150, Ford F150,and a chevy trailblazer. I want my car to represent me,such as those on the list are the ones that fits my bulky build. I wanted a multipurpose,sturdy for less injury sustained on any accident, and with a BLING factor vehicle.

Chevrolet Trailblazer
Image from

Downside is the gas price is swelling like sponge on the ocean having multiplied to a certain magnitude that the gas to use in the long run is as much as buying twice or quadruple times as the price of your car.

I don’t know Whatto decide but as of this moment i’m still weighing if I have to buy a car or just commute to work.

Side note: the dollar is depreciating against the peso, the oil prices are still going up and would be expected to price in a hefty Php 55+.

Update: The security secretary is hallucinating again and might be high on something, he dreamt that there is an incoming threat. As a result the dollars gain to 41 a dolar again.

Government and Taxes

I wish for a change whatever that maybe, violent or not, I just want a change in government, not cha cha or con con, but persons who must have gone organizational leadership training to know the importance of the people and it’s money

It’s the start of the month and the end of the year, this is the time to evaluate if I will have refund on what I contribute to feed those animals on Malacanang Philippine Zoo or should I say Reptilitary Center.

Radical Change
*image source from

I want to opt for non contribution of tax because I can only see it spent on the escorts who shoves the FX I ride on everyday to office. The bling blings of the cars that passed by me with the number 8 plate. The vaudeville on the senate debates that also occupies the airtime of the 2 major local channels(nakakaabala sa marimar–channel 2 mejo lamang sila dun joke). The road less traveled (Macapagal Avenue). Overpriced projects and substandard roads. I have to comply to it because I understand the importance of tax to leverage the government but as of now, i can’t see the importance of the some projects where the taxes goes or spent. Even there is a government faculty to audit, a song only sound on my ears which is kinda like an LSS(Last song syndrome) entitled “You can do Magic”.

Yes, I complain and they all have something to explain the peso appreciates because of the dollar are sliding down the drain. Are there improvements whilst the peso improvement?

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