Baby Can You Drive My Car?

Been Thinking about having my own car to drive from my home to office or to every where I wanted to go. My list includes Ford E150, Ford F150,and a chevy trailblazer. I want my car to represent me,such as those on the list are the ones that fits my bulky build. I wanted a multipurpose,sturdy for less injury sustained on any accident, and with a BLING factor vehicle.

Chevrolet Trailblazer
Image from

Downside is the gas price is swelling like sponge on the ocean having multiplied to a certain magnitude that the gas to use in the long run is as much as buying twice or quadruple times as the price of your car.

I don’t know Whatto decide but as of this moment i’m still weighing if I have to buy a car or just commute to work.

Side note: the dollar is depreciating against the peso, the oil prices are still going up and would be expected to price in a hefty Php 55+.

Update: The security secretary is hallucinating again and might be high on something, he dreamt that there is an incoming threat. As a result the dollars gain to 41 a dolar again.

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  1. Settle for a compact, help minimize our oil consumption. A good diesel vehicle is also an option.

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