Rolling on two Big Wheels

I had been a fan of the Orange County Choppers crew since I saw it on Discovery. Watching it makes me excited to watch what theme chopper that they will do and what for they will donate it to.

Orange County Choppers

With the enthusiasm on this Bike I searched the net and lo! I found a site that compiled the origin of all the bikes that I am seeing on the show and some Video taped events and stunts. I want to get my hands on these Motorcycle DVDs or even download some samplers.


Are you insured?

These days many of us require comfort as we travel in our daily to work and to our home. But are we insured? Maybe you can look at these car insurance comparison on which you can gain more benefits and plans to choose from. As what every body says that it’s better safe and have a plan ahead than sorry, because we can never know when an accident will happen, it’s better to have a something secure than nothing to get.

Cars are a necessities these days better have something than nothing.

What are you on?

Selecting or choosing what we sit on in our office is definitely a must to think about. we all know the injury that we can acquire if we are not using the proper equipments at our 8 hour work. Technically its called contouring or what we call in marketing lingo ergo. These changes are observe with our computer equipment such as the “A” shaped keyboard keys. The mouse and the pads.

This changes are basically for comfort but with the studies conducted these can also be attributed to safety as it contributes to less effect or impact on our body doing our routine jobs. Surely with all this ergonomics applied on our environment we can create a safe and sound environment where human and creation are meld that we can call Ergohuman Mesh.

Everything bout the money

With the ongoing crisis whether it is on food and financial we really have to prepare for a better and well planned business or ways and means to make our hard earned money profit to support us and lessen the effect on our daily life.

These are the ways that I can think of Investing In :

1. Investing in money market such as a Managed Futures Trading Account
2. Timed Deposit
3. Invest on what you like and what you know business

Well anything would do just make sure you are always on top of what you what and will give you higher or a median profit. Today is the last day of ITR filing and we will be filling the pockets of you know who, spending on a you know what projects. Well they can live in shame but they are rich anyway.

Future Technology

In our world today where everything is gearing up on gadgetry and much more higher technology,I Stumble upon a piece of it that will let you experience what the minority report movie has or maybe bill gates have on his home, ask a crestron dealer. but why?

Well they are one of the player and the pioneer on touch screen panel. This is the kind of technology that I want in home and office because being in the IT company this would greatly reflects as that we just not pursue being ahead technologically but also on our infrastructure.

Having read the multifunctionality and its programmability I just hope that the cons will be less than it pro’s or not at all.

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