Dr. House the series

I am a serious addict watching this intellectually and socially cunning series in which the main character is Hugh Laurie to whom I had seen in several movies, in which he is not so bad on it. But on this, his portrayal is great. He’s character’s impression on me is a Man fills with vicodin to manage his leg pain and it’s permanent.

There is a season ender episode that almost had him quit the drug but undergoing a Vicodin Withdrawal differs on a case to case basis since the pain that he has to manage is a bit complicated than the leg pain. but through certain circumstances and process that he had gone through. The ending is still to use the drug because of other remedies are hopeless.


Do you still want to keep a car?

Oil prices are hiking up, reason is that some say the well are drying up and they have to find another location, some says its just speculation. but who cares it does not affect the means which is a lower fuel price.

Second worry is to how you can pay for your Car Insurance, might as well sell the car if the financial gets you upto your neck, but in these time it’s a necessity as you need to be wherever you want.

Money just goes in and out of our pocket these days and it’s fast. So better save up or else.

In Surety are you?

In this time of crisis we all have to think not just once, before we do our acts, our choice, and every decision that we make. Security in Finance and Physical are every person’s number one priority today.

Most of us bank on policies and shop for the best Insurance Quotes by looking at different providers. Some make a time deposit and some just make savings.

But there will always be a floating question. When and how would you meet the maker.

Love Songs And Life

Ever since the low days I am not listening to any FM stations because most of the songs that I would hear can really hit me, yeah songs nowadays can hit you big and hard.

Why, Because the conction of songs nowadays are tragedy, goodbye, betrayal and healing. Being a frustrated composer myself, when these things are mixed will become a sure hit on pop genre and even in the novelty because listeners can easily relate to it. Adding up to the fact that materials like this can be easily produced when you yourself had been through this kind of emotional roller coaster.

Well things were a little tough when you are on a low but all of such things originates with a single four letter word which is overrated, misused, abused ,overused, complicated and mysterious called LOVE which in absence can cause a reciprocated effect or feelings that we endowed.

As I reflect and thought about the days that had passed, LOVE is a splendid experience that can happen to a person’s life as long as you are true to yourself and convicted to things that you had promised. As for statistic Fidelity is a top ranking relationship issue nowadays. I dont want to belong to the statistics, I’ll try.

I thank, wish and pray that GOD would guide me more, I am a sinner but will always try to be better.

My Big Day Gift

I had the greatest gift on my big day, a flu, been knock off work for 2
days and felt that I have a scar on my larynx, I hate when things goes
like this because I cant do anything but to heal my ailments else things
will get worse.

Also there will be an important event that would happen today that I
can’t skip.

I hate being in bed and not do what I am supposed to do, but what can I,
if things will get worse, I will be bedridden for an additional days
plus the medical bills that I will incur, We are on a financial crisis
and the only help that I can do right now is not to be a burden to them.

I am back at work right now and I hope before next week, all things that
needs to be done is finished. We need to move on and we need to make
things work as planned.

It’s been said that when someone or something is lost there will always
be a better one that he had planned to give to you, only if you work on
it, hard enough that you really deserve having the gift.

Rebirth of a Phoenix

It’s been a while that I lay low on everything online because I am not in the mood of doing anything, still I am in a healing state. My mind had moved on but my heart keep on going back to where pain will always be felt.

The things that I wanted to do, now that I am back is to re align and fix my blogs and main site once and for all, It’s already the third quarter and the time those blog does not have any updates are over and must have move on. My Identity must be re born

I do not have any update on watzkulit and onandofflife simply because, i am all out of life, I felt that I do not have anything, and yes I am a weakling, but as much as i know myself, at least I am trying. And maybe it isn’t good enough. Still I wont give up.

Watzkulit will focus more on reflection At the end of the day as what it used to and On and off life will be more on my daily life as a multi personality me for venting out everyday nuisance and happy bits.

In my isolation and depressed state, I meditate* (and hope i could float…kidding) and always asked myself What are my accomplishment in the past 27 years that I stayed on this one big island. Well I made a lot but nothing is significant yet. Simply because all the thing that I already made and did would be a part of a bigger, better and maybe the significant accomplishment of my life.

I signify this day to be my fresh start, still wounded and on a low but all will be healed and I still have to go.Life is complicated anyway.

:: Definition ::
*Meditate *
– To be in a state where your face is unfriendly and your mind is somewhere, pretending to do something but nothing is accomplished.
– Not in the mood to work or simply feeling like “Juan” infected with tamaritis.
– In a depressed state where funny things are not entertained nor tolerated.

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