Love Songs And Life

Ever since the low days I am not listening to any FM stations because most of the songs that I would hear can really hit me, yeah songs nowadays can hit you big and hard.

Why, Because the conction of songs nowadays are tragedy, goodbye, betrayal and healing. Being a frustrated composer myself, when these things are mixed will become a sure hit on pop genre and even in the novelty because listeners can easily relate to it. Adding up to the fact that materials like this can be easily produced when you yourself had been through this kind of emotional roller coaster.

Well things were a little tough when you are on a low but all of such things originates with a single four letter word which is overrated, misused, abused ,overused, complicated and mysterious called LOVE which in absence can cause a reciprocated effect or feelings that we endowed.

As I reflect and thought about the days that had passed, LOVE is a splendid experience that can happen to a person’s life as long as you are true to yourself and convicted to things that you had promised. As for statistic Fidelity is a top ranking relationship issue nowadays. I dont want to belong to the statistics, I’ll try.

I thank, wish and pray that GOD would guide me more, I am a sinner but will always try to be better.

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