Watzkulit is a 20 something individual who establish this blog to share, rants and feed his frustrations on a lot of things, this blog is used as his practice for fluency on english writing and other purpose such as whatever things you can’t think of but not limited to anything you will be thinking of.

If part of my blog will or can harm or offend you in any way please leave immediately and don’t continue reading. Anything written here are my personal views and can’t be used against me in any court of laws. image003.jpg



  1. Dear Walter (is this your name?),
    Thanks for sharing your blog, read some stuff, and I think it’s awesome! You’re not doing too badly in your English, in fact I think it’s great! Really!
    Truly appreciate leaving a comment in my Sariaya homes album at Webshots. Yes, I know it can be pretty uncomfortable taking pictures of other people’s homes, especially when others start staring at you while your taking the shots. I know how that feels, and believe you me I’ve felt the stares hit me like a sledgehammer 🙂 But you know, that’s to be expected, and it comes with the territory when you’re a photo enthusiast just like me (not quite yet the “photographer” level I hope one day to be in). But you’re right, ayaw mo sila mapagkamalang kang masamang elemento no? But I think that might be misconstrued when you probably are the one taking the pictures as you are a guy (as most masamang tao are guys, right?) It’s less likely people will think I have bad intentions when this middleaged lady (that’s me) is the one taking pictures of their homes – they’d probably think I’m a tourist than a tulisan, right? 🙂 So that should be a cue for you when you plan taking pictures of homes next time. Act and dress like a tourist – a floppy hat, baggy pants, camera dangling from a neck strap, and with fellow bakasyonistas in their bakasyonista attire. Oh yes, and speak lotsa English – like some balikbayans from the States with full American twang accent – kahit pilit ang twang. That way, hindi ka mapagkamalang hostage taker! hehehe.
    Thanks again for dropping by my Webshots album. Do drop by once in a while, ha?
    God bless!
    Mary Ann

  2. watts,
    musta ka and sheryl?
    let’s swap trade. you fix my laptop, then il write bunch of articles for you,
    how about it.
    just say what you need written.

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