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I am back,now with my new tool, I can now do what I want anywhere and anytime,my only worry is the battery but nonetheless I am fine. I hope that at the soonest I can restart my web life again,to finish my pending projects, and to become an efficient multitasker.


Alternative sunglasses

Summer is near and accessories and gears for the summer are also searing and are up for grabs even though we are all going through the financial crunch, we cannot neglect being fashionable at a less price. to have things to cost less we must buy things in bulk such as sunglasses wholesale purchase and many more.

Summer Fun

Stay safe stay cool, see you on the beach!

Is your car Covered or insured?

After the long days of waiting to get our hands on our loan and finally driving home the lady of our dreams, do our worries stop there? No,we still have to choose the right company to handle our Insurance so we search for Auto Insurance Quotes that would best fit our budget and of course the one who can give us savings rather than more spending.
Here are some tips to save

Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Quotes

1. Quote, quote and quote.
Do not just settle on a insurance company suggested by friends or neighbour, you must wander around and do gather quotes from different companies up until you see where you are at advantage.

2. Avoid tickets
Road, Speeding or any traffic violation. Why because the insurer can look it up and might make your premium more expensive.

3. File A reasonable claims
Don’t file unnecessary claims as for the next time you renew your insurance would be at a higher rate. One way of a payback.

4. Buy a low key car
Stay away on cars that are a candy in the eye, because they might appraise it high or reject you due to the fact it’s the latest commodity for carjacking..

5. Install car safety devices
Installing alarms and security device can guarantee you a discount.

Fun in the Sun

Summer is almost over but we cant deny that still the heat is on till school time. And as the saying goes prevention is better than cure and our eyes is the window to our soul , technically our eyes is the one that send electronic signals to a part of our brain that translate it to images. If we are not to protect it then when.

Fun in the Sun

So wear a sunglasses you can buy it cheap at your friendly neighborhood Muslim, the Indian Entrepreneur or at malls. if you are savvy enough you can buy it online and you can buy it wholesale because Wholesale Sunglasses practically is way cheaper.

So if you have more fun in the sun and to prevent your future eye loss. wear one


Since my sister was still a kid I’ve been collecting happy meal toy sets for her, but now that she’s gone to college everything stops and instead used the money for other things. Last night the drive on completing a Happy meal set possess me again and this time the featured toy is a teddy bear holding letters, I forgot the branding which is kinda similar to the Angel letter set in littler resin figurine in which you can form name that you like.

I have to complete the set that will resemble the name S-H-I-R-L-E-Y M-H-A-Y but what I only got are these:

Teddy Alphabet
S-H-I-R-L-E-? M-H-A-?

the “Y” is missing, obviously.

Before hand I purchased S-H-I-R-L-E at Paseo and the Branch Near SGV, my search start with the Mc Donald’s Paseo Branch going to the Branch near SGV to Glorrieta then to SM Makati then found the “M” “A” letter from the MRT Ayala station Branch. Since I still have to fill up the two “Y” i continue my quest to Edsa Central Branch with no luck and closed Shangrila branch I went to Pasig Rotonda branch, San joaquin and Pateros, unfortunately they don’t have the “Y” so again I rode an FX going to Megamall and Drop off to El pueblo, Strata and lastly at Ortigas branch in front of Meralco main building to no avail they don’t have the stock and informing me that they will phase it out and replace it with a new set of happy meal toys. Bravely I ventured going to taytay hoping that a branch might be open but sadly it is closed.

To give you an Idea here is my map trail been in 12 branches from 7 to 1:00 am:


Please please please if you happen to know where I can buy two Letter “Y”, It will be my gift to her for this new year.

On my valiant Quest I found my former officemate Neoli and Edge they now declared themselves as retired because they are already rich unlike their friend Leng that needs to work.

Leng,Edge and NeoliOrtigas Heroes
See the resemblance – Just Kidding

Both of them now enjoy the beauty of simple life in the province having danggit, sinangag as breakfast.

Purchase of The Week – Splatter Guard

I want to share to the world What I purchase every now and then and I want to showcase something new every week or at least every other week. My hobby or should I say weakness are kitchen implements and kitchen tools, I want to make my life easier on the kitchen to have more time in experimenting, discovering and learning how to cook than preparing it. What I have purchased so far is a deep frier and thinking of the safety of someone who might use it or other pan. I puchased this Splatter Gurad at Japan Home Center at Park Square and here it is:

Splatter Guard

It is some sort of a net or guard that works as a cover with view, this cannot be use as a strainer because it doesn’t have a support in the middle. and here yah go my splatter guard for my sister to cook fish and fried foods with watery content.

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