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I am back,now with my new tool, I can now do what I want anywhere and anytime,my only worry is the battery but nonetheless I am fine. I hope that at the soonest I can restart my web life again,to finish my pending projects, and to become an efficient multitasker.


Somebody wants to Burst the bubble of another bubble

There is a recent linkbait MTV spreading on the blogosphere that is sued by Lane Hartwell according to the Chow Blog post Bubble Burst for Here’s Comes Another Bubble, reason is she was upset for not compensating for her work and thus opted her to Find an Attorney, leading to the DMCA notices to YouTube To take down the video, even before it reaches a 700K views.
*Photo Courtesy of Bigmouth Media

We all know how viral video work here in the internet so better enjoy the clip while it’s still popular before her attorney drains out all her money for the bill. Click here to watch the video

Paypal Send, Receive, and Withdraw is enabled for Philippines

It’s true and confirmed, via Paypal we can now withdraw earnings that we received from our internet businesses. And here are the evidence:

And here are the cardlist courtesy of snow’s updated lists of approved card

Sure it is a granted wish of Angelo Racoma for our country’s improvement and a commercial move of Paypal, because of the recent growth of payment gateways that caters the Philippines.

Who would not? If the country has a monthly remittance of billion of pesos.

Cure for USB Virus FS6519.vbs.dll

Just sharing a helpful tool that I got from the Internet.
and Here is the Link from Leerz.

from File Cargo

Iphone hacked!

At last the I-phone is no more AT&T exclusive. It is now a hot news all over  cyber space and local news that the much talked and hyped phone from Apple makers or .Mac, I-pod’s and I-tunes. Is now had been hack using the procedure of DVD Jon plus the cloning of sim using a supersim. The method to hack the phone is making it to think that it is connecting to the AT&T network then Eureka! you can now use the phone at any network.

Full Story and related links here:
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