DLTB I Came and will Reconquer?


DLTB’s design really looked like the defunct BLTB Co that once ruled the south. Everything is the same except for the “D” and the operated by the DMMW.


Love Songs And Life

Ever since the low days I am not listening to any FM stations because most of the songs that I would hear can really hit me, yeah songs nowadays can hit you big and hard.

Why, Because the conction of songs nowadays are tragedy, goodbye, betrayal and healing. Being a frustrated composer myself, when these things are mixed will become a sure hit on pop genre and even in the novelty because listeners can easily relate to it. Adding up to the fact that materials like this can be easily produced when you yourself had been through this kind of emotional roller coaster.

Well things were a little tough when you are on a low but all of such things originates with a single four letter word which is overrated, misused, abused ,overused, complicated and mysterious called LOVE which in absence can cause a reciprocated effect or feelings that we endowed.

As I reflect and thought about the days that had passed, LOVE is a splendid experience that can happen to a person’s life as long as you are true to yourself and convicted to things that you had promised. As for statistic Fidelity is a top ranking relationship issue nowadays. I dont want to belong to the statistics, I’ll try.

I thank, wish and pray that GOD would guide me more, I am a sinner but will always try to be better.


I recieved this from one of my mailing group and it’s kinda Ironic, this kind of encouragement makes me think twice. I love the Philippines and I hate the Government.


America And Canada
A friend named “Maeng Ni” posted this.
Lahat ng sinabi niya nakakatuwa at totoo…

Akala ng mga tao na nasa Pilipinas kapag nasa America ka akala nila madami ka ng pera. Ang totoo, madami
kang utang, dahil credit card lahat ang gamit mo sa pagbili mo ng mga gamit mo. Kailangan mo gumamit ng credit card para magka-credit history ka,
kase pag hindi ka umutang o wala kang utang, hindi ka pagkakatiwalaan ng mga kano . Pag wala kang credit card, ibig sabihin wala kang kapasidad magbayad.

Akala nila mayaman ka na kase may kotse ka na. Ang totoo, kapag hindi ka bumili ng kotse sa America
maglalakad ka ng milya-milya sa ilalim ng init ng araw o kaya sa snow. Walang jeepney, tricycle o padyak sa America …

Akala nila masarap ang buhay dito sa America .. Ang totoo, puro ka trabaho kase pag di ka nagtrabaho, wala kang pangbayad ng bills mo sa kotse, credit
card, ilaw, tubig, insurance, bahay at iba pa. Hindi ka na pwedeng tumambay sa kapitbahay kase busy din sila
maghanap buhay pangbayad ng bills nila.

Akala nila masaya ka kase nagpadala ka ng picture mo sa Disneyland , Seaworld, Six Flags, Universal Studios at iba
pang attractions. Ang totoo, kailangan mo ngumiti kase nagbayad ka ng $70+ para makarating ka dun, kailangan mo na naman ang 10 hours na sweldo mong
pinangbayad sa ticket.

Akala nila malaki na ang kinikita mo kase dolyar na sweldo mo. Ang totoo, malaki pagpinalit mo ng peso, pero
dolyar din ang gastos mo sa America . Ibig sabihin ang dolyar mong kinita sa presyong dolyar mo din gagastusin.
Ang P15.00 na sardinas sa Pilipinas $1.00 sa America , ang isang pakete ng sigarilyo sa pilipinas P40.00, sa
America $ 6.50, ang upa mo sa bahay na P10,000 sa Pilipinas, sa America $1,000++.

Akala nila buhay milyonaryo ka na kase ang ganda ng bahay at kotse mo. Ang totoo milyon ang utang mo. Ang bago mong kotse 5 taon mong huhulugan. Ang
bahay 30 taon mong huhulugan. Ibig sabihin, alipin ka ng bahay at kotse mo.

Madaming naghahangad na makarating sa America .. Lalo na mga nurses, mahirap maging normal na manggagawa sa Pilipinas. Madalas pagod ka sa trabaho. Pag dating ng sweldo mo, kulang pa sa pagkain mo. Pero ganun
din sa ibang bansa katulad ng America ..
Hindi ibig sabihin dolyar na ang
sweldo mo, yayaman ka na, kailangan mo ding magbanat ng buto para mabuhay ka sa ibang bansa.

Isang malaking sakripisyo ang pag alis mo sa bansang
pinagsilangan at malungkot iwanan ang
mga mahal mo sa buhay.Hindi pinupulot
ang pera dito o pinipitas. Hindi ako
naninira ng pangarap, gusto ko lang
buksan ang bintana ng katotohanan

Tulad din ng buhay sa Dubai o Canada, O Australia at Europe di ba?


Rolling on two Big Wheels

I had been a fan of the Orange County Choppers crew since I saw it on Discovery. Watching it makes me excited to watch what theme chopper that they will do and what for they will donate it to.

Orange County Choppers

With the enthusiasm on this Bike I searched the net and lo! I found a site that compiled the origin of all the bikes that I am seeing on the show and some Video taped events and stunts. I want to get my hands on these Motorcycle DVDs or even download some samplers.

Migrating Workers

Many of our students here in the philippines are taking nursing and other health care services related education such the same as offered by http://www.sbnewyork.com/ but the advantage is that this enabled you to have further credential as you will be certified by a new york based school.

To be honest I can see that much of the government revenue comes from the exported service personnel rather than the products produced here for imports. Also there is also a lot of imported goods that can be bought which can be labeled as disposable because it’s quality is substandard, bottomline is cheap.

Government official favored foreign products rather than supporting our own to improve it’s quality and invention. To be honest the commision and kick backs are better or best at imported rather than at exports. Observe’s customs official or personnel in which even the security guard can be much wealthier than a family who had an established business at the past 2 decades.

Observe communication gadgets such as cellphones who’s price are cheap abroad but when entered legally or illegally could cost thrice as international market price. You can feel it on our daily staple food which is not rice (Parts of rice in the market are imported) but the instant noodles in which I saw that the SRP or the traders price is 7.25 on the recent price circular of Monde Nissin.

We are more chinese in terms of the quantity in the consumption of chinese invented food “NOODLES”.

migration is inevitable because the government here is not yet rich enough to become the next Fidel Ramos. Because he had done the worst on our economy and money and yet he is not deemed liable for it.

Makati Siege Slides Show

Here is my take on Senator Trillanes’ Take over/Siege/Uprising on the Manila Peninsula here in makati:

Click the Image to View the Slide Show

Loosing Track and keeping up with it….

I am where? Where am I? Where should I go next when I reach my short term goal, had I checked with things on my Long Term Goal?

Questions and more questions that leads into more and ends me up to nowhere, I would really need a time off or should I say and evening or more evening dedicated to reflect on Just my own self. Re evaluate and Relist all the things I should be doing and focus more on the goal that I wanted to reach.

This is the one goal that I would like to share and everything is secret and let’s leave it just for me.


*I still have a lot of personal issues to fix and it would really take a long time to finish it all, I really can’t move and build dreams if my foundation have holes.

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