Choose your Sin ^_^

Well everyone has his own brand of sins so what is your’s

Dare to Choose! 😉

*For the record I dont smoke either


A Great Weekend!

My Weekend went well as everybody and everyone want’s theirs to pass. All of us are complete and at home. My little sister and my big brother. Our family activity was to Rehabilitate Muffie our dog, as we really don’t have time for her in the weeks that passed as both of us are struggling for a steady job and a good working environment.

For starters my brother looked for a dog groomer when he found one, we left her and went straight to SM Lucena to have lunch at buddy’s restaurant, the food was sponsored by my brother who now works in baguio as process engineer. The the barbecued meats there are great.

It’s a rare occasion when all of the family members would be complete, so always cherish the moment and enjoy the time and opportunity that you can be together.

Class and Friend’s Picture

Reminiscin, a song that makes me remember my past, especially my high school life, the reason is not the song itself topping the charts on my high school days coz it was way too old, but it’s message. As i could remember, escaping school for thrill and to be home for the cartoon show on tv, it was Daimos and Voltes V then. I also remember when i were the princinpal’s officemate because of lates. I guess i had carried it till now. But i was trying to lessen it. I remember my first gf that breaks me on the third day.My year in the seminary.My time as a lead on a cultural club of our school, but I can’t really forget friends and classmate’s that has been a part of my journey of being a high school student. And now i am wondering where they are. How many kid’s they have. Where they live, Are they happy now to the life they choose as an employee, husband, wife and whatever they end up. The same thing makes me remember when my teacher ask us all, what occupation do we want to have or become when we finish high school, are we gonna be a doctor, a pilot, a captain, a nurse, a businessman, an engineer or a teacher. Ideal things that may become us or not. But at least we have dreams. And now i am wondering where will they end up. The pics are my sister’s batchmate. No one knows GOD’s plans. 😉


Class Picture

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