And I am back…

It’s been a while and had stopped blogging since there is not much time and I am struggling also with the command of the second language,but I guess persistence and practice can hone and maybe master the language of this medium.

I will be posting updates from time to time… I can’t promise the frequency though…


Charice Pempengco on Glee

Charice Kris Connor/Getty Images TV GuideAs we could say for her the popular tag line of a pizza commercial, “Nag level up ka na” as she joins as cast of Glee portraying a foreign exchange student rivaling Rachel
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Prayer for Protection Against Jejemon

Dear lord I now realize the importance of my grade school,high school and college teacher in english and flipino. Though I really cannot understand the importance of these subjects on those days that it is taught, It is now clear that it will help me with the new breed of unique people called the jejemons. I may not be good at these languages,And I pray that it will always help me against these new breed.

May you also give me calmness and wisdom to tolerate them, so i cannot commit sin, May the spirit and thoughts of my teachers resound, together with your guidance and in that way I can always be protected from them and from sin.

Astroboy Trailers and More

Part1 and Part2

I Want To Be debt FREE

We all can be caught up in a situation where we really doesn’t want to be, especially in terms of a financial mixed up. When times that our credit card bills are sending us demand letters and our rent is 3 months due. At this time we call a friend or if not resort to a way such as what we called debt relief programs to pull us out of this financial mess.


Here are some tips that can make you debt free in no time:

1.Get organized

Gather all your bills, payments and balance and arrange it in a way you want to pay for it, you can pay a debt with a lowest balance first or the bill with highest interest rate.

2. Start small

If you can do a way with a cup of coffee from a cozy place, lunch from a fancy restaurant and an expensive donut this will be all good as you can save little by little, plus negotiate on all your big purchases, use coupons and avail all sale but good items. Making this a habit can make the savings out of this an additional income to pay off the debts.

3. Let it snowball

If you had cross out one of your debt, move to your other list and take that minimum payment adding the savings, on this way you can do away with all your debt in no time.

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